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Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accidents can happen in a wide variety of different ways, but in even the most mild of circumstances, it is often possible for those who are involved in an accident with this type of vehicle to sustain serious physical trauma or even life-threatening injuries.

Truck accident injuries can run the gamut of possible damages, from whiplash to broken bones to internal organ damage. Nevertheless, in any circumstance in which the trucking company, manufacturer of the vehicle, or even the driver was at fault for the accident, it may be possible for injury victims or their loved ones to seek compensation for their damages.

In cases where an accident victim suffered serious injuries, it may be possible for the individual to take legal action in order to recover lost wages, the costs of medical treatment, and other damages that they may have experienced. Non-financial damages such as pain and suffering may also be considered, depending on the nature of the victim’s injuries and the circumstances in which their accident occurred.

For circumstances in which an accident victim is killed by the effects of their injuries, their family may be able to seek compensation for the terrible loss that has been inflicted on them. Attorney Jim Hart, for example, was able to recover more than $11 million for the family of a man killed in a Texas truck accident. The attorney, who works for the Williams Kherkher law firm in Houston, successfully argued that the death was needlessly caused by failure on the part of the trucking company to effectively train its drivers.

These types of situations can be devastating to deal with, but truck accident victims and their loved ones do have recourse to legal action to seek justice.