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Nursing Home Quality Ranking

There are many resources for families considering long-term care facilities for their elderly members. Families for care constructed an interactive website called “Nursing Home Report Cards.” The website ranks the quality of the nursing facilities by state. The rankings mirror report card scores. A map of the United States is displayed and when the cursor is dragged over a specific state its grade will appear. The ranking methodology of the organization takes many factors into account. The grade depends on how many hours a registered nurse visits the facility daily, how many nursing home abuse reports are filed, how much time staff spends with patients, and other factors. When all of the factors are ranked, the states with scores of 41 or above are considered to be failing nursing home residents.

A general trend on the map is consistently low, to failing, grades for nursing home facilities in the South and Southwest. Texas ranks as the worst state for long-term elderly care with an overall ranking of 51 total points. Louisiana follows with providing patients very little access to attention from a registered nurse. In contrast, New Hampshire and Rhode Island received superior scores for care. In addition to providing excellent care to patients, the facilities in these New England states tended to be the most hygienic and structurally up-to-code.

Families can feel confident about their elderly members staying in a round-the-clock-care facility in states that boast good ratings. However, doing the research and staying informed about these conditions are important, especially in states that don’t provide acceptable care. Other options like hired in-home care or visiting nurse practitioners might be a better option for families that want to ensure quality care.