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Smarter Guns: The Solution to Gun Violence?

Smarter Guns: The Solution to Gun Violence?

Feb 15, 2013

Gun violence, while declining overall over the last few decades, remains a serious problem in the United States. Therefore, the efforts of a number of different technological firms to develop “smart guns,” or guns that are programmed to recognize and only be used by their appropriate owners, appear to pose a novel solution to some of the problems related to gun ownership in the United States.

The range of smart gun technology currently available is fairly slim, but a lot of potential programs are currently in the works. Some would work by recognizing RFID chips in users’ watches, rings, or even in skin implants. Others would work by recognizing the unique grip and shooting action registered by each user.

Regardless of the precise form taken by the technology, smart guns are being pushed by many lawmakers as a practical solution to the problems of reconciling a healthy appreciation for the right to [gun ownership] with a desire to reduce gun violence.